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A Mã'dí fisherman on river Nile, a common site among the Ma'di along the Nile and other water bodie Mã'dí Bible translators pose fro a group photo with their consultant Eileen Kilpatrick and Mrs. Mary Nyugo Gabriella at Entebbe Funeral for a Ma'di pioneer Bible Translator, the Rev. Captain Sylivanus Ó'jhá in his home in Fũdâ Adjúumani The Rev. Canon Pashi William Shakespeare and Mr. Rokani Charles working on Ma'di webpages in Entebbe
Church of Ugnda Youth in Mã'dí  moulding bricks for building Ẹ́rẹ́pị Church Ordination of Maliamungu Milton as a deacon in Church of Uganda Ma'di The Sported tortoise (Ọ̃kụ̃ Lebá) is one of the small animals that are quite common in Ma'di Ma'di Catholic Church's Multi-purpose place in Moyo for training, accomodation, meals and meetings
The Church of Uganda youth in Mã'dí are moulding bricks fo building  Ẹ́rẹ́pị Church A Ma'di Christian wedding in Church of Uganda Adjumani. Many young Christians now shan elopements A Mã'dí Christian wedding in the Church of Uganda Ma'di Archdeaconry Ãdjụ́mání The Rev. Andrew Ashdown from Andover Deanary visits Ma'di Archdeaconry Church of Uganda
Young Bible Translator Rokani Charles weds Georgina Peace A young Mã'dí Bible Translator Rokani Charles weds Georgina Peace A Section of Mothers Union in Mã'dí Archdeaconry Church of Uganda in a meeting May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly as you vist and make use of our website

The Mã'dí are an ethinic group of people found in the North Western part of Uganda, Eastern D. R. Congo and Southern part of South Sudan. They speak a related language with some difference in dialect. The total population of Mã'dí is 584,000 as per the last passed fifteen years population cencus, with 496,000 in Uganda, 65,000 in D. R. Congo and 23,000 found in South Sudan. Predominantly the Mã'dí are Christians making about 87% of the total population; with Uganda having 86% Christians, D. R. Congo 92% Christians and South Sudan with 83% of the population Christians.

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